"Tile-Tuners": The Chuck Treece Guest Wheel

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Image of "Tile-Tuners": The Chuck Treece Guest Wheel

This guest wheel is for none other than one of the OG skaters in the Philadelphia area, Chuck Treece. Chuck has been a key part of the Philly skate and music scenes for many decades now. He is not only apart of the legendary skate-rock band McRad and the incredible BLKTOP-Project band with Tommy G and Matt Rodriguez, but he was also the first African American ever to grace the cover of Thrasher Magazine (May 1984). He's been around a long time and seen it all; traveled far and wide across the globe for his music and the pursuit of new parks and pools to skate. Chuck has been known to skate a ton of transition, so when we spoke about doing a project together a larger wheel design was definitely in order.

Chuck's wheel is a totally NEW mold for us. It is unique in that it is a slimmer than your average 60mm donut-cut pool wheel with a flatter face, which helps with lock-ins on pool block. We used our premium blend 100A durometer, but the most noticeable change is that the treads have been removed to increase wheel contact and grip right off the bat. The artwork is original pen and ink styling from Shawn Beeks of @slapstikskateboardart. The art represents Chuck's favorite thing to skate and references the fact that he's one badass musician.

Make some noise on the tiles and coping with Chuck Treece's "Tile-Tuners" 60mm pool urethane.


Image of "Tile-Tuners": The Chuck Treece Guest Wheel Image of "Tile-Tuners": The Chuck Treece Guest Wheel