Scott Kane Guest Wheel 52mm

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Image of Scott Kane Guest Wheel 52mm

This is a guest wheel we created with one of our favorites from the West Coast, Mr. Scott Kane. The graphic was drawn by Shawn Beeks of Slapstik Skateboards here in Philadelphia, PA. It is an ode to the Port of Long Beach where Scott grew up only a short distance away from.

Scott put it down hard for the LBC throughout the early 2000's, rode for the infamous Bootleg Skateboards team, traveled the world with Vans, and shared a pro-model shoe with legend Steve Caballero. His part in Bootleg 3000 will go down in the history books as one of the most influential parts of that time period. He still kills it today and he still lives and breathes the LBC. We have the upmost respect for Scott as a person, his talent, and his dedication to skateboarding.

Grab a set before they are gone, because they are limited. Poured in a natural blend 100A 52mm. This wheel has a classic look and feel, but with a little more slide to it than the "classics" you're probably used to skating.

Go faster than the rest, start riding the best.



Image of Scott Kane Guest Wheel 52mm Image of Scott Kane Guest Wheel 52mm